Ideas in Action

Go Atomic

An atom is made up of neutrons, protons and electrons.

Like the neutron, a business strategy has no “charge”. The proton, or positive charge comes from people.

Successful change management requires a strategy to be positively charged by the people. Just as electrons are required to hold together the power of the neutron and proton. Structure, processes and IT, represented by electrons, are required to hold strategy and people together.

Trying to implement a strategy by changing structures, processes and IT without the positive charge from people will result in a negative outcome. Protons (people) and electrons (structure, process and technology) are the same size, but have completely different weights. A proton weighs 1,836 times more than a electron.

Structures, processes and technology are 1,836 times easier to change than people; however, once you get the people moving,
it is 1,836 times harder to stop them!



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